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About Mediation

According to Webster’s dictionary, mediation is defined as follows:

noun (Concise Encyclopedia)
In law, a nonbinding intervention between parties to promote resolution of a grievance, reconciliation, settlement, or compromise. It is used especially in labour disputes. In many industrialized countries, the government provides mediation services in order to protect the public interest. In the U.S., the National Mediation Board functions in this capacity. Mediation is also commonly used in international conflicts.

Essentially, mediation provides each party with the opportunity to walk away from a litigation both a little disappointed and a little elated. In other words, mediation is an opportunity to put the case to rest and settle for a reasonable figure. In my experience with jury trials, verdicts are unpredictable and appeals almost certain. Thus, mediation provides a short-cut relief for both sides of the spectrum. Having been practicing for nearly 50 years as both a defense attorney and as a plaintiff attorney, I can provide attorneys and their clients with the well-founded encouragement to settle a claim out of court.

My professional style has been described as diligent, reserved and unassuming. I do not like to push individuals in a direction they feel uncomfortable, however, I will do my best to make all parties aware of the positives and negatives of their individual claims or defenses.

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